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Cymbal Polish & Cleaner News


Kick'N Brass "GRUNGE"

“The new and improved, GRUNGE”. It is more aggressive but with no added abrasion, no harsh odor and at no additional cost.

GRUNGE is similar to a traditional cymbal polish except that it is much less abrasive and spreads and works with less effort.  It is excellent for old or new cymbals of all finishes but specially formulated for that "bad boy" you've haven't cleaned in years!!!  GRUNGE is also great for chrome.

You just apply GRUNGE cymbal polish to a cymbal or hardware, rub in with a small piece of cloth or damp sponge until the shine shows through and wipe off with a clean cloth. To remove any gray residue in groves, follow up with original Kick’N Brass.

GRUNGE is excellent for other solid metals such as any brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, stainless & gold. It can also be used on all chrome.

We have brought many sad cymbals back from the dead with this stuff and they look great. It works on all brands, all finishes. It may remove some logo but overall it’s pretty easy on them. Once a cymbal has been transformed with GRUNGE, use original Kick’N Brass to remove any film and bring it to full brightness. Use original Kick'N Brass to keep it looking great from then on.

Kick'N Brass GRUNGE will be appearing soon at a music store near you. Until then you can order direct online here.  Want to be a Kick'N Brass reseller?  Click here.