Kick'N Brass® GRUNGE Tips

“The new and improved, GRUNGE”. It is more aggressive but with no added abrasion, no harsh odor and at no additional cost.

Grunge is similar to a traditional cymbal polish except that it is much less abrasive and spreads and works with less effort. It is excellent for old or new cymbals of all finishes. Restores the finish on old cymbals, brings brilliant cymbals to their full brightness, excellent for removing scratches, abrasions and heavy stick marks.


  1. Newspaper (If needed to protect a nice work surface)
  2. Small cloth or damp sponge
  3. ScotchBrite® or very fine steel wool, maybe
  4. Kick'N Brass® Cymbal Polish
  5. Kick'N Brass GRUNGE
  6. Terry cloth towel


  1. Shake very well, apply to large area (a little goes a long way)
  2. Rub in with a small piece of cloth or slightly damp sponge until shine shows through the gray haze.
  3. Wipe off with clean dry terry cloth. (Use original Kick’N Brass to remove any excess residue)

Tip: Try a very fine steel wool or ScotchBrite® pad on badly corroded or heavily scratched spots, then go back over with GRUNGE. Use original Kick’N Brass to remove any remaining gray residue.

Grunge is excellent for other solid metals such as brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, stainless & gold. It can also be used on chrome.

We have brought some sad cymbals back from the dead with this stuff and they look great. It works on all brands, all finishes. It may remove some logos but overall it’s pretty easy on them.

Once a cymbal has been transformed with GRUNGE, use original Kick’N Brass to keep it looking great from then on.

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