Kick'N Brass® Cymbal Care Cleaning Tips

OK, fellow drummers, here is what you need to know about cymbal care with Kick'n Brass® Cymbal Cleaner:

  1. Newspaper (If needed to protect a nice work surface)
  2. Terry cloth towel
  3. An old tooth brush, maybe
  4. Kick'N Brass® Cymbal Cleaner


  1. Put newspaper down on the work surface for protection, if needed.
  2. Spray Kick’N Brass® over the entire surface.
  3. Let it set and work for 15 to 30 seconds. (For stubborn areas you may need to repeat just on that area and rub with a small piece of terry cloth or a small brush. (A tooth brush will work.)
  4. Wipe dry with a terry cloth towel, (Terry cloth is a must). Turn the towel often until surface is dry and any haze that appears is gone. Make sure that your drying towel does not get too damp! (Heavy grooved cymbals will require harder pressure to remove the haze. Extremely heavy grooved cymbals may require a wipe with a damp cloth before wiping dry.)
  5. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Lift the cymbal off the work surface and wipe around the edges.
  7. That's all there is to it.  Your cymbal has now been cleaned with an acidic base material that contains additives that remove oxidation, dirt, and grease. When dried it returns to a neutral pH and leaves a microscopic layer of protectant.
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